Cover Letter – SSA Event/Project Coordinator

Cover Letter for Sarah Zecchini

Events/Administration Coordinator

I chose to present in this format, a cover page linked to the cover letter and the CV, because I am SO excited at the thought of taking on this role that I wanted to build something completely tailored to you guys. I am very excited to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

Bit of an Intro

My name is Sarah Zecchini and I’m from Houston Texas, have been in this great state Oregon the last 7 years now. I am an artist at heart, through and through. It determines how I view and react to the world around me, and adds a bit of color to it, I’d say =] I love helping those around me, which is why I’ve fallen in love with Advocacy and Coordination/Planning roles. I have spent my life in Oregon, and even before, participating/volunteering/working for art festivals, coordinating art events. The funny thing to me is: I never started out with the intent to plan or organize any sort of events. They just always seemed to happen and I always seemed to find myself in the middle of these awesome events, and perfectly so – I have always been happy to find myself in the middle of some fantastic art project! I truly believe that I have found my niche.

My Interest in SAA

I have lived in Oregon for 7 years but only in Salem for the last 3.  I had taken a break from my art and volunteering to focus on my health, and this last year I’ve felt emboldened to re-submerge myself in the local art scene.

I am currently a member of the Salem Art Association and volunteered at this years Salem Art Festival, working the ticket stations for the children’s area. I was a part of the Salem Salon community show, and I have recently submitted my first ever Curatorial Proposal and it was well received – and I am now looking forward to the showcasing the work of several incredible artists in the Bush Barns AN Gallery in 2019. 

I feel as though, this position was made for me to fill. No joke. I can already see how I would apply my passion for art, organization skills and event coordination into this role, and it’s making my head spin with excitement!

In short – I would love to take on this challenge with you guys. I am determined and would give absolutely all of me to this cause. It would be my absolute pleasure, and I would love the oppertunity to show this to you.

Who Am I?

Aside from art and painting – I’m a bit of a nerd, I will admit! Sci-fi books and movies from the ’50s are kind of the best. I love space, it fascinates and inspires me. You can see it in my paintings, poetry, heck, my Facebook feed. I love to learn, to fully understand things to the best of my capability.

Music makes my heart sing. When I tell people I listen to metal they always give me weird looks, but there’s something about the complexity of the instrumentals that absolutely captivate me. I’m currently a little obsessed with two bands, one is called Windhand and the other is Witch Mountain (Salem based band, actually!) I really love women with those power vocals – they just really get to me!

When I’m not doing anything in particular, I’m probably hanging around the house with my cats and dog listening to music on blast playing video games with my partner. Or, if it’s summer time, I am living near the river =] As much as possible, anyway. Houston doesn’t have a whole lot of…nature…so have spent the last several years pining for summer so I can jump off rocks with my friends and stick my head under waterfalls, in search of air pockets/bubbles to stick my head.

The last two years have been of phenomenal growth, and I couldn’t be happier with where I am now. My partner and I are now at a place where we are planning for our family and our future, as he begins school this year with Embry Riddle Aeronautical. I am eager and excited to continue to move forward, ESPECIALLY if that happens to be with the Salem Art Association.

Thank you again for taking the time to review my credentials for consideration.  I am absolutely thrilled to hear back, and share how I believe I could contribute as Event/Administration Coordinator. My CV is linked below. Please don’t hesitate with any question or concerns. You can view my own work here on my website.

Have a fantastic day!


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