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Sarah Zecchini
541.730.1342 | Salem, OR

Work Experience

2016 – 2017 – Nike Global Retail Service Desk I was an Advocate/Customer Service Representative for Nike Global Retail Stores. Coaches/Managers would call/email any technical issues that they were experiencing in their stores, from broken registers and handheld (Apple) POS devices, to server maintenance, to shipping and receiving discrepancies. We assisted all stores with Global updates, promotions, and new products and were the first line of defense if anything went wrong in store. I was one of the few Advocates who also worked the email queue, as well as our phone lines.

2013-2016 – Area Administrative Specialist for PCL – I worked for an NPO supporting adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. I worked closely with DHS, physicians and House Managers to ensure that all individualized goals, supports, and protocols were completed, followed, and documented and in compliance with the Oregon Administrative Rules. I produced Quarterly reviews for all individuals in my area. I assisted with Tech Support as needed. I also volunteered with the company’s Annual Benefit Art Auction and was the head of artist submissions.

Skills & Proficiencies

  • Clerical Skills (Guru) —I am an organizational and process efficiency nerd! There is always a method to my madness.
    • File Management — physically and electronically
    • Taking inbound/Making outbound calls
    • Scheduling Appointments
    • Printing/Scanning/Faxing
    • Eliminating nonsense/Streamlining Process
    • Time Management
    • Project Management
  • Customer Service, Person Centered Approach (Guru) — I have a very “person centered approach” when it comes to Customer Service. Customers are people first, and should be treated with dignity and respect. I am exceptionally skilled with:
    • Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving
    • Listening to others/Empathy
    • Remaining calm under stress
    • Sharing a friendly demeanor
    • A true desire to assist however I can
    • Creating a positive and welcoming environment
  • Leadership (Intermediate) — I believe the best leadership starts at the bottom, and I take pride in the team I lead knowing they can approach me with anything. Trust and understanding is the key to my approach. 
    • Training new employees/Creating official training materials
    • Creating staffing schedules
    • Managing banking and pay
    • Leading by example 
    • Open Door Policy with concerns
    • Empathetic but firm
    • Project Coordination
  • Graphic Design (Guru) 
    • Print and Digital
    • Layout Design
    • Typography
    • Printer, plotter, and die cutter knowledge and experience
    • Marketing, Promotions, & Advertisements
    • Front-End Web Development (Intermediate) 
      • HTML5 
      • CSS3
      • JavaScript ES6
      • Knowledge constructing WordPress, Squarespace, and other blogs and e-commerce related sites
    • Adobe Creative Suite (Guru)
      • Photoshop
      • Illustrator
      • InDesign
      • Acrobat
      • Premier
      • Lightroom
      • XD
      • And more!
  • Microsoft Office (Guru) — I am a Master of the Microsoft Office Suite, including, but not limited to:
    • Word
    • Publisher
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel
    • Outlook
    • OneNote
    • Office 365 Additional Services:
      • Teams
      • Exchange
      • OneDrive
      • SharePoint
  • Google AdWords (Intermediate) — As part of Googles Academy of Ads, I have decided to completed these offered courses so that I may better assist my employers and advise for AdWords requests
    • AdWords Fundamentals Certified – 92%
    • AdWords Mobile Certification – 96%
  • Photography (Guru) — Product, portraiture, commercial, film, post-processing
  • Video Editing (Beginner)

Scholarships, Merits, and Awards

2018 – Oregon Women’s Campaign School – The Oregon Women’s Campaign School is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization run by a board of volunteers and financed entirely through voluntary contributions. The School originated from the Oregon Women’s Political Caucus, formed in 1972. In 1979, the School was created to encourage, educate, and support women running for office. The School’s function remains the same. However, over the decades, the School’s mission shifted from female candidates to any candidate that is a champion for reproductive justice

2018 – Udacity’s “Grow with Google” Program – I am 1 out of 15K, selected out of 100k to participate in this scholarship opportunity that is focused on front and back end web development

2017 – Oregon Arts Summit, Creating Impact: Art and Civic Engagement  – I was chosen to attend in this passion filled event, whose focus this year was making an impact in your society, which is something I value and dedicate my work to doing

Volunteer & Advocacy

2006-present – Various Local Art Fairs, Gallery shows, manning Kids Art Booths, hanging artwork, set up and tear down, and everything in between

2011-present – Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – I volunteer at this NPO taking remembrance photography for parents who have lost their child before/shortly after birth. I take images, provide comfort, edit, and send the images to the parents. Learn more…

2015-2016 – Springfield Art and Chalk Fest, downtown Springfield. Watch my interview with the news here

2014-2015 – Summer Solstice Benefit Auction – I co-curated this event for the NPO Partnerships in Community Living and was in charge of gathering artist participation and donations. I started a FB, Twitter and YouTube account and designed all sorts of fliers and posters. I built a really awesome website too, but since, the company has redesigned their entire network so it fell off as part of their process change. Learn more…

2013-2015 – Prisms Gallery, showcasing artists with Developmental Disabilities

2015 – Raise the Wage Rally at State Capitol, advocating for health care workers supporting those with Developmental Disabilities. Watch me give my speech here

2011-2014 – Hosted Live Drawing and Paint Parties at my studio and creative art walks quarterly

2011 – 2014 – Participated in Creative Collaborations as Photographer, working with MU/FX Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion & Accessory Designers

2011-2014 – Young Rembrandt’s, after school arts education program

2011-2014 – Midnight Muse Magazine & Launch Parties – I started an art and literary mag with a friend in 2011. We published 7 incredible issues, and they got better and better after each one. I gathered artists, content, edited any images as necessary, did all layout design in InDesign, created tons of print/digital marketing materials. Worked with local media outlets to promote it. Uploaded and offered every issue FOR FREE on MagCloud. Maintained a very active FB Page and Group that encouraged artists to collaborate, chat supplies, all things art etc. Hosted 2 Launch Parties which resulted in HUGE responses. Learn more here, and read every issue on MagCloud here

2011-2013 – Safe Haven Humane Society – I volunteered for several years, taking photographs of incoming animals as they became available for adoption. I would take the images, edit, and provide Safe Haven with web and print ready images for them to place on their website/social media and printed materials. I would help promote and attend their fundraisers and to help document those events. Learn more…

2008-2010 – City ArtWorks – City ArtWorks is an NPO in Houston I volunteered at, teaching art education at inner-city schools. I would go around to different school every week and teach and lead the kids in a fun art project. After a couple quarters, they re-designed their logo and asked me to help them. This was 10 years ago, and the logo has changed since then, but it was still fun and one of my favorites. A very rewarding experience. Learn more…

2006-2010 – Via Colori, street painting festival benefiting Houston’s Center for Hearing & Speech

Art Showings

2018 – Return of the Love Show, Ford Gallery, PDX

2017 – Beasts in the Basement, The Fernie Brae, PDX. I got to showcase my work along industry professionals such as Brian & Toby Froud, Chris Walas and Ugo Serrano

2017 – Salem Salon, AN Bush Gallery, Salem

2017, 2015 & 2014 – Bohemian Bash, Reed Opera House, Salem

2016 & 2015 – Group Show at Studio 262, Corvallis

2016 & 2015 – *Solo* The Advocate Loft, Corvallis

2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012 – Temporary Artists Guild, Corvallis

2016, 2015, 2014 & 2013 – Annual BackYART Festival, Dropout Art

2015 – Monsteropolis, The Refuge PDX

2015 & 2014 – Group Show at Imagine, Corvallis

As Curator

2019 – “Help me…an Intimate Portrayal of Mental Illness” –  “Help me…” is my first professional curatorial endeavor at a renowned gallery, AN Bush Gallery. The show represents artists struggling with their own mental illness and is scheduled for 2019. As curator, I am responsible for ensuring the whole show comes together, from getting artists to commit, building and preparing all installations, prepping media kits, all written content and marketing materials. I will need to work directly with the artists, gallery director, and any other parties involved in the fulfillment of the show. Learn more…

2015 – Summer Solstice Benefit Auction, Co-Curator and Artists Head – Eola Hills Wine Cellars, Rickreall. Learn more about the event here

2014 – Summer Solstice Benefit Auction, Co-Curator – Eola Hills Wine Cellars, Rickreall. Learn more about the event here

2013 – Midnight Muse Magazine – Issue 6 Launch Party, Imagine, Corvallis. Learn more about this event here

2012 – Midnight Muse Magazine – Issue 3 Launch Party, The Drawing Board, Corvallis. Learn more about this event here

Features & Publications

2016 – The Corvallis Advocate, Artist Profile. Read here

2014 – Live Through This, My Story. Read here

2013 – The Corvallis Advocate, Temporary Artists Guild. Read here

2013 – The Corvallis Advocate, Midnight Muse Launch Party. Read here

2012 – Cheeky Lime, Featured Artist – Photography Blog and Apparel 

2012 – Dress My Cupcake, Sponsored Artist – Designer Cake Blog


2006-2009 – Art Institute of Houston, Graphic Design, 3.8GPA


Professional –

To Whom it May Concern,

I had the opportunity to work with Sarah Zecchini for about one year. During that time I learned a lot from Sarah. Sarah was always willing to answer questions and share her wealth of knowledge. Sarah would always take the time to make sure my question was answered. I would consider her to be an expert in her department, and she was always pushing herself to learn more.

On a personal level, Sarah is a very compassionate person. I have always felt very heard and understood by Sarah. She is a wonderful listener when I need one, and she gives guidance and feedback when appropriate. Sarah has a great talent for gauging a person and interacting with them with complete respect.

Sarah would make a great addition to your team as she is caring, flexible, and a quick learner.

Thank you for your time, Jennifer Bisek, 503.302.7200

Personal – 

To whom it may concern

I am proud to provide a reference for Sarah Zecchini. I have known Sarah for roughly a year and a half. I have seen her passion for learning as well as for assisting and educating those around her, the pride she takes in doing so, and her sense of empathy. I have regularly seen the ways she seeks to improve both herself and whatever system she works in.

Sarah  has previous work experience that I cannot doubt would be useful in the position she is applying for. She is a kind, and compassionate woman, and I am lucky to know her.

I would be happy to answer any question you may have about her, and can be contacted by email ([email protected]) or by phone (541-990-6159).

Sincerely, David Olson

Artistic Partners & On-going Professional Collaborations

Steve Schultz and The Corvallis Advocate

Rebecca Maitland Courtney and The Reed Opera House

Jennifer Lommers and Studio 262

Timmery Turner of Mad Girl Productions and Sugar Does America Tour

Tim Blackburn and Dropout Art

Jack Compere and The Whispering Tube


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