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My work is ever-expanding. I strive to push myself to pull colors apart and occupy space and time. My work is temporal, in that it is tied to my emotions, which are in a constant state of flux. Most pieces are completed over the course of several years, imparting moments of my life at different points and states of mind as layers of color and lines are woven into one another.

Below, you can learn more about my art, my projects and my work with my community.


My Portfolio

Here you can view some of my favorite work. They consist of several water color paintings, ink and charcoal drawings, digital illustrations, photography and sculpture. 

Passion Projects

Over the years, I have thrown myself head first into various endeavors that I felt would challenge and inspire me. Below you can find some of my favorites.

help me...an intimate portrayal of Mental Illness

Between May 4th – June 23rd 2019, I curated this show Located at The Bush Barn Art Center, in the The A.N. Bush Gallery. The A.N. Bush Gallery presents major interpretive exhibitions of regional, national, and international artists. It is located on the second floor and is the Art Center’s largest exhibit space. The show was sponsored by Salem Health.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.  –43.8 million, or 18.5%–  experience mental illness in a given year.

help me… was a collection of intimate artwork, installations and interactive experiences from several artists, locally and nationally,  who live with mental illness in varying capacities. We represented artists who live with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar 1 & 2, Major Depressive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Dysthymia and all the gaps and overlap in between them all. The show will consist of affecting visual, auditory, tactile, and other sensory pieces in an attempt to connect with their audiences in a way that would provide insight into their illness and how they view the world.

The goal of this show was to create a broader understanding of mental illness and mental health as a spectrum, and how it affects everyone. The term ‘help me…’ is the very soul of the show. These words have been so stigmatized that it has been associated with apathy, weakness and attention seeking behavior. In my mind, there are none stronger than those who recognize when they need help and seek it. Vulnerability is not an offense – it is beautiful. And we need more of it. We need more resources for those who need it, and a better, more inclusive and encompassing dialogue in what asking for help means, the many ways it can look like, and how we can best respond when someone asks us for it.

Asking for help saves lives. Period.

We had several advocacy representatives at the reception on May 3rd @ 530PM to answer any questions, share resources and knowledge.

Radio Interview on Talking About Art

I was invited to speak about the show on KMUZs “Talking About Art”

Listen here!

Lived Experience Discussion Panel/AMA

The AMA on May 25th, 2019 was live-streamed and members from the audience as well as Social Media were able to Ask the panelists anything pertaining to the discussion. No topic was disallowed. While we were requesting questions were asked with respect to the panel and with the gravity of the context of the show in mind, we wanted to encourage asking those difficult questions that some may feel afraid to ask otherwise. We wished to explore openly and honestly in this conversation, and to model the belief we all held hold: there is strength in vulnerability. The panelists selected are a mixture of artists, entrepreneurs and peer advocates representing not only themselves but local mental health initiatives as well.

The conversation was facilitated by the curator of the exhibition, Sarah Zecchini.

You can view the discussion by following this link.


At The Capitol

help me…’  extended to the Oregon State Legislature Capitol for a 1 Day sister show, to encourage a legislative push toward the betterment and extension of resources surrounding mental health care. We had several Senators, Representatives, their aides and Capitol visitors stop to view the work and ask questions.

Midnight Muse Magazine

Midnight Muse Magazine is an Art & Literary Zine created by Neebinnaukzhik Southall and Sarah Zecchini in 2012. Our purpose was to extend a platform to incredible artists who didn’t otherwise know how to share their work, and to foster creative collaborations among artists of different mediums. It was a priority to make the zine FREE and AD FREE to truly show off the work of our contributors.

MMM was a resounding success – more than we anticipated, and far more than we were able to keep up with. We published 7 issues featuring artists of all kinds and we even hosted 2 Launch Parties, for the release of Issue 3 and Issue 6. We had live drawing, a photo-booth, belly dancing, live music, live painting, and a collaborative mural that was donated to a local art store for display – and we held art shows at local galleries for participating artists for a couple of the issues. We partnered with local organizations to raise money for their cause, and donated space in our issues for upcoming events, gallery receptions, and much more. ( p:ear and Sugar Does America, just to name a few) We also were very lucky to garner the support of our community, who gave us write ups in local newspapers and spread the word of MMM through posters, social media and their counter and wall space.

As MMM grew, and as life carved a separate path for us both, we decided to bring the success and excitement and vibrant color that is Midnight Muse to a close. It was definitely an experience, and one that I look back on very fondly. But who knows, perhaps one day we will re-launch – another thought for another day.

In the meantime, you can view and download each and every issue from our Magcloud for free. If you so wish, you may purchase a physical copy from Magcloud directly for cost of print.

Check out the VINTAGE original home of Midnight Muse Magazine for a taste of nostalgia. It’s a time capsule of memories for me, I had to keep it up!


Branding a Band: The Folly

Throughout 2020, I had the pleasure of working with a local band and help them launch their upcoming album. What initially began as help with developing a logo, quickly turned into an expansive creative collaboration and making some lifelong friends. I helped them with their logo, a painting which was later turned into their album over, a photography session, asset creation, a music video, and developing several marketing materials that would help them reach their audience and fanbase.  I then pulled these altogether and developed their website! I essentially served as creative director and consultant.

The PaintingThe Folly | Original band promo painting by Sarah Zecchini | midnights.gallery
The Logos

The Assets


The Music Video

Meet Me at The Vick!
Meet Me at The Vick was an Interactive Pop up Gallery & Museum Experience hosted by the Roger Yost Gallery – and I was lucky enough to get to intern with the curator of the exhibit, Rebecca Maitland. From the event description:
Come immerse yourself in a Trans-historical exhibit event “Meet Me At The Vick” hosted by the Roger Yost Gallery. This temporary “Pop-up Gallery” is the beginning of a year-long celebration of The Vick Building’s upcoming 100 year birthday in 2020.
Experience 16 thematic rooms filled with Roger Yost’s extensive art collection and antique clocks. With a mixture of paintings dating back to 1600s to newer contemporary pieces making this gallery “trans-historical” in the art world.
This one-day event is scheduled on Saturday, May 25th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m, and is free to the public.
There will be several Instagrammable photo opportunities, Where you too can become a Masterpiece.

Together, Rebecca, myself and the rest of the interns turned an old multi-story building into 1800squarefeet of Roger Yosts personal Art Collection – of which, there is alot!  It was an incredible experience and the bonds forged during this project will last a lifetime.

You can hear Rebeccas interview on KMUZ’s “Talking About Art” about the show – and my show ‘help me…’ also gets a shout out!

Listen here!


Community Advocacy

Over the years, I have thrown myself head first into various endeavors that I felt would challenge and inspire me. Below you can find some of my favorites.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

More info is coming on my particiaption with NAMI Oregon and NAMI Marion/Polk!

Via Colori - The Center for Hearing & Speech

More info is coming on my participating and advocacy for The Center for Hearing & Speech

Speech at Capitol: Direct Support Professionals

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Summer Solstice Benefit Auction by PCL

More info is coming on my role in collecting artwork for the Annual Benefit Auction of this NPO!

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